Calicantus is a service developed to collect and visualize air quality data. Most of the Italian regional environmental agencies take part in this project and share PM10, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and PM2.5 observed data, every day. Also observed data from Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Austria are collected daily.

Through an interactive web interface, you can explore and analyze the data. Interactive maps, cluster analysis and other tools facilitate the visualization and help the interpretation of past pollution episodes and of the current situation. Furthermore, air quality forecasts (for PM10, ozone and PM2.5) for today and three days ahead are shown, provided by seven chemistry-transport models of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service.

The access to the platform is reserved to air quality experts of the public environmental agencies and, with some restrictions, to researchers, air quality modelling experts and public administrators.

Although it is developed in the framework of the Italian National System for Environmental Protection (SNPA), calicantus is open to experts from around the world, as end-users. Moreover the participation, as data providers, of environmental agencies of the European and Mediterranean area is welcome. We are ready to collect data shared through different protocols (FTP, HTTP) and in different formats (CSV, JSON).

The platform code is written in the R language and available on a public repository. Suggestions for further developments and reporting of errors are welcome.